From Deb: Saturday AM

I believe Carol is at peace. If you did not hear it Please go to WNPR, a lovely thing by Lucy Malpathancho.

The open house at her building is Jan 4 from 2 to 5 as has been posted.  Please RSVP to A food/numbers thing.

If you have a guitar or soft music, I envision playing,  especially in the stairwells which are huge.  Not sure about parking but the Lyceum is a few doors up with a lot.

Again no flowers (she swore she was allergic to fresh flowers…just donations to cceh).

She fought so hard to not die so soon. In your prayers, well I have been telling her that I am so proud of the way she fought and whatever possible to do to help her accept this I will do.

I keep candles going, let her know we will all work this out .

I think it will never be clear of why this happened, but in time we will all have some peace around the fact that it did.



8 thoughts on “From Deb: Saturday AM

  1. Mary Jane

    My thoughts, love and prayers are with you. May your families and friends surround you with comfort in the days and weeks ahead. Know that I am here if there is anything I can do to help you. Love and hugs, Mary Jane

  2. Dennis Culhane

    Deb and family and friends of Carol,
    I am so very sorry for your loss. I knew Carol professionally since she joined CCEH. We quickly became partners in crime, as we shared some deeply held sensibilities about homelessness. Having both spent time in the trenches in shelters and with the wonderful people who suffer there, Carol was passionate about finding alternatives that were more humane and more effective. But passion isn’t enough. Fortunately, Carol had the relentlessness, the political savvy, the skill of subtle strong-arming, and great team-building energy, that made her perhaps the most effective state-level advocate on homelessness in the country. On my many visitis to the CT, I watched her maneuver in the state legislature, among the various state departments, among funders, providers and among people who experience homelessness, treating everyone with the same level of respect and giving each a sense of aspiration for what more they could do on behalf of poor and homeless people in CT. She was a powerful bundle of joy and hope. I can only imagine the sense of loss you are feeling, because those of us who worked with her feel a great loss as well. The poor of CT have lost a great champion, and friend. Dennis Culhane, Philadelphia.

  3. Katie Dexter

    Dear Deb,

    We are thinking of you, your families, and Eli. Wish we were home to support you and help in anyway we can. We feel very blessed to have known Carol, we enjoyed our time with you both soaking up the summer sun and throwing the ball to the dogs. We are sending our prayers, positive thoughts, and most importantly our love.

    Katie, Jason, Reese, and Cooper

  4. Jack Darcey


    You have been so faithful,so strong in your commitment to Carol. You were fortunate to have her, but she was equally fortunate to have you. After Friday it will be time to get on with our lives. I hope you and the dog will return to visit us – Chus loves Elie and misses him a lot.

    Strength, courage, and peace.
    Jack Darcey


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